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  • To help limit your search, multiple criteria may be searched simultaneously.

  • Use a broad carbon range to avoid eliminating relevant database entries.

  • Use "dearomatized" in keyword search for samples less abundant in aromatics.

  • Insecticides are classified based on the solvent vehicle in the product.

  • Use sub-components to limit search of samples classified as miscellaneous.

  • Use "blend" in keyword search to limit search of samples classified as miscellaneous.


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Best Practices for the Interpretation and Use of the Weathered and Biologically Degraded Samples in the Ignitable Liquids Database

The Ignitable Liquids Reference Committee of the Technical and Scientific Working Group for Fire and Explosions has prepared the following guide so users of the database are aware of the considerations and limitations of the weathered and biologically degraded samples contained within the ignitable liquids database.   The guide describes sample preparation and defines the database limitations.   This Best Practice Guide is continually under revision and we will accept comment and input from any user for consideration by the committee and potential inclusion in future revisions of the document.

CAUTION:  Care must be exercised in relating the contents of this database to extractions from debris collected in fire scenes.  The samples in this database were prepared under controlled conditions.


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