Substrate Database


Database Search Tips

In order to search a material use sub-class, you first need to choose a material use class.

Method refers to the burning method.  For each method there will be a set of Time Intervals.

There are 10 related records for each substrate material.  Three for each burning methods and one for the unburned substrate.

Ignitable Liquid Residue Present refers to any combustion or decomposition products that are an ignitable liquid or resemble one.

Material Composition refers to the type of material of the major consituent in the sample.


Best Practices for the Interpretation and Use of the Sample Data in the  Substrate Database

The Ignitable Liquids Reference Committee of the Technical and Scientific Working Group for Fire and Explosions has prepared the following guide so users are aware of the considerations and limitations of the sample data contained within the substrate database.   The guide describes sample preparation and defines the database limitations.   This Best Practice Guide is continually under revision and we will accept comment and input from any user for consideration by the committee and potential inclusion in future revisions of the document.

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