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Sample Reference Number 0631

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9-octadecadecenoic acid, methyl ester  acetone  dimethyl ester hexanedioic acid 
dimethyl glutarate  hexadecanoic acid, methyl ester 
Date of Run 12/06/2011
Classification Oxygenated 
Component Class
Predominant ion profile Alkanes
HC Range C 5 - C 12
Brand Name Crown Next Lacquer Thinner
Product Use Lacquer Thinner
Degradation Type
Extent of Degradation 
Supplemental Info Only oxygenates: acetone and methyl- or dimethyl- esters.
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Dataset 00000631.exe 
Spreadsheet 00000631.xls 
NCFS_631 Crown Next Lacquer Thinner.pdf 




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