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Instrument Parameters



1. Instrument and accessories

Agilent (Hewlett-Packard) 6890 gas chromatograph and 5973 mass spectrometer
Agilent ALS autosampler G2614A

2. GC conditions:

Column: HP-1 or equivalent
Length: 25 meters
Inner diameter: 0.20mm
Film thickness: 0.5 microns
Carrier gas: Helium (high purity grade)
Constant flow
Flow rate: 0.8 ml/min.
Linear velocity: approximately 36 cm/sec
Split ratio: 50/1
Injection volume: 1 microliter
Pre injection washes of sample: 2
Pumps: 2
Post injection wash of solvent A: 10
Post injection wash of solvent B: 10
Fast plunger
Merlin microseal
Injection temperature: 250 degrees C
Initial temperature: 50 degrees C
Initial hold time: 3 min
Rate: 10 degrees C/min
Final temperature: 280 degrees C
Final hold time: 4 min
Total run time: 30 min

3. MS conditions:

Transfer line temperature: 280 degrees C
Acquisition mode: scan
Scan range: 30-350
Scan rate: 2-3 scans/sec; equivalent to 6-10 scans per peak
Solvent delay: 2 min

As of November 2010: no solvent delay, however the detector is off between 1.54 and 2.00 minutes


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